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Wine TipsOnly a few wine connoisseurs have a natural affinity for the more subtle aspects of wine-tasting, or the ability to describe the many unique features that make up the wine’s overall taste. It often takes practice and experience to cultivate a knowledgeable vinosseur, and oftentimes, these individuals have a tendency to ‘show off’ their expertise with overly technical terms or very elaborate metaphors. This may intimidate individuals who are new to the wine-tasting scene; especially those who are simply joining in for the unique experience and may not be too familiar with the “ropes” of wine-tasting. Fear not, however – once you are familiarized with the basic process of sampling, judging, and describing wines, the rest will come as naturally as your own sense of taste and perception.

Getting The Wine into Your Glass
Swirling the Glass
Put Your Nose to Work
Tasting the Wine
Explore Your Taste Buds
Judging The Experience

Wine TipsWine tastings are the single best way to train your palate and partaking in them often will enable you to become comfortable creating your own tasting language. They will also help to familiarize you with the etiquette unique to wine culture and to feel comfortable in even the most exclusive cellar or tasting room setting. Knowing how to describe a wine will enable you to articulate what you like, allowing for others to make suggestions based on your preferences. It also opens up the possibility that the next bottle you drink will be better than the last.

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