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Wine Judging

It is important to remember that you are the most-qualified person to judge which wines you prefer. Wine-tasting is as much opinion-based as it is skill-based, and your viewpoints are just as valid as those of the person next to you; regardless of their experience or budget. As such, no one should insist that you sample a wine that you don’t personally care for.

Expect your palate to develop and change as you gain wine-tasting experience, and be sure to enjoy the various ‘phases’ your preferences will undoubtedly transition through. With each wine you try, you will gain a bit more knowledge about wine-tasting, as well as a new experience to add to your growing repertoire. That additional knowledge will help you make more informed and knowledgeable choices, as your palate, descriptive language, and knowledge of both appellations and regions continue to develop.

Congratulations – you have now learned the art of sampling and describing wine. Enjoy it, and happy tasting!


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