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Ca'Toga Galleria D'Arte
1206 Cedar Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

(707) 942-3900

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Ca'Toga Galleria D'Arte

Ca'Toga Galleria D'Arte

Featuring the exclusive works of Carlo Marchiori, world-renowned artist who offers an enormous variety of creations, including ceiling murals, porcelain, ceramics, watercolor, paintings, tiles, stone plaques, sculpture, furniture, accessories, book, cards, posters and more.

Marchiori favors subjects of figures and animals caught in fluid spontaneity and his Venetian background comes through with zany Commedia dell’ Arte themes. His traditional education enables the artist to interpret Pompeiian, Classical and Baroque subjects with brilliant virtuosity.

Carlo Marchiori is a "Renaissance Man" –a Maestro d’Arte- exemplified by a 44 x 23 foot mural painted on the barrel-vault ceiling of the Gallery that shows the Ptolemaic Constellations in all their mythological splendor. The sparkling terrazzo floor is really a chart of the pre-Copernicus' universe; the sun, moon, stars, comets and the planet Earth engraved with "Hic Es" (you are here)... And you will find yourself in another world - a world of art, soul, creativity, whimsy and limitless imagination.

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