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Anette's Chocolate Factory  

Anette's Chocolate FactoryAnette and her brother Brent work together to create marvelous assortments of fine Truffles, Creams, Brittles, Chews, Chocolate Sauces, Caramel Sauces, Traditional and Unique Seasonal Specialties. Together they combine Napa Valley's excellence in fine wines with fine chocolates to create confectionery wonders that tantalize the senses. Stop by one of our . . .

Napa Valley Wine & Cigar  

Napa Valley Wine & CigarDue to California laws regarding online sales of tobacco products, we will no longer post prices or permit online purchases of tobacco products. We do not carry cigarettes, chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco.

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Wine Appellation Information
Wine appellations are the Holy Grail to winemaking in Napa Valley. To learn about what they are please visit: The Wine Appellations