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Cottages of Napa Valley  

Cottages of Napa ValleyThere is nothing to compare with the comfort of your own private cottage sleep as late as you want and then roll out of bed for coffee and breakfast sit in your own private garden or soak in your tub with a bottle of wine enjoy your own little getaway in the wine country undisturbed and uninterrupted by other guests . . . (707) 252-7810

The Carneros Inn    

Carneros InnFor centuries, people have sought out a tranquil space in nature to capture the healing properties of the earth. The Carneros Inn, where our gardens overlook the vineyards and farmlands of Carneros, is such a place. That is why we have based many of our spa treatments on the very ingredients inherent to our surroundings. We believe that . . . (707) 299-4900

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