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Jarvis Winery    

Jarvis WineryThe Jarvis winemaking facility is totally contained within 45,000 square feet of cave tunneled into the scenic Vacas Mountains four miles east of the town of Napa. It is not only a visual masterpiece, but a technical masterpiece as well. The underlying principle behind the Jarvis cave construction is that a parabolic shaped tunnel is inherently . . . (707) 255-5280

Judd's Hill Winery    

Judd's Hill WineryBeginning as garage winemakers, pioneering vintners Art and Bunnie Finkelstein have been producing legendary wines in the Napa Valley since the 1970s, when they created Whitehall Lane Winery. Now, along with their son, Judd and his wife Holly, they continue to hand-craft ultra-premium wines with the same heartfelt and intimate style . . . (707) 255-2332

Laird Family Estate  

Laird Family EstateWe have seen a family dream come to fruition, from vine to tasting room, based primarily on the incredible diversity and quality of our vineyards. The stewardship of these vineyards began nearly twenty-five years ago when many pioneer farmers passed on critical knowledge and techniques to Ken Laird and later to son Justin, all in the spirit of . . .

Madonna Estate  

Madonna EstateMadonna Estate wines have been handcrafted by the Bartolucci family, Napa Valley winegrowers and winemakers for more than eighty years. They are created from 100 percent organically grown grapes, which are dry farmed on the Estate Vineyard. Located in the world renowned Carneros Region, the Bartolucci's take great pride in the wines the . . .

Mahoney Vineyards  

Mahoney VineyardsMahoney Vineyards the culmination of 35 years of growing and producing wines from the Carneros Region. Francis and Kathy Mahoney invite you to experience the uniqueness of their handcrafted wines, produced from the very best of their 160 acres of vineyards.

Monticello Vineyards  

Monticella VineyardsWe are very proud to be a family owned and managed winery. Our father, Jay Corley, came to Napa Valley in 1969 seeking land to plant and grow an estate vineyard. Thirty-five plus years later, sons Kevin, Chris and Stephen manage the winery: Kevin is our Winegrower and President, Chris is our Winemaker, and Stephen is our Director of Wine Sales. We are . . .

Patz & Hall    

Patz & HallPatz & Hall Is the creation of four dedicated individuals - Donald Patz, James Hall, Anne Moses and Heather Patz - with an important diversity of experience and skills. Together, they have created one of California's most lauded artisan wine brands. James Hall and Anne Moses have spent their working careers in the production of fine wine . . . (707) 265-7700

Phoenix Vineyards    

Pheonix VineyardsThe Bader family has been in the wine grape growing business since the family bought eight acres in the Western Napa Valley Together the family works to produce Phoenix Vineyards' small output of 2,500 cases annually. Now three generations are involved in the wine-making business, producing estate wines crafted from some of the best . . . (707) 254-1077

Pine Ridge Winery  

Pine Ridge WineryWhat does it take to make a world-class wine? Before setting out to make one of our own, we asked ourselves this fundamental question. Looking to the most esteemed winegrowing districts of France for our answer, we found that the greatest of the great embrace three principles: pride of ownership, profound stewardship of the land, and . . .

Quixote Winery  

Quixote WineryWe've spent decades working against the conventional wisdom of the Napa Valley. When Cabernet Sauvignon dominated the California wine industry, we passionately supported Petite Syrah. We still do. But a little cabernet is nice, too. We want to make good wine, not a good name. If our wine doesn't speak for itself, no signature will make . . .


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